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Friday, October 26, 2007

Peculiar: in a Good Way...Review

About the book:
"Being peculiar is not about horns," begins bestselling author Mary Ellen Edmunds. In this humorous but thought-provoking book, she explores what really makes "a peculiar people" and what sets us apart as a distinct and different from the rest of the world. "Others surely do notice things about us" she states, "so what would it be like if we could be depended upon to live what we believe every inch an minute of our lives?" Using scriptures and personal experiences to help explain our uniqueness, Mary Ellen presents a positive and upbeat approach to making little changes that will help us strive to become better when we're already pretty good.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love Mary Ellen Edmunds and this little book is no different. It's short and easy to read. I read it with a yellow high-lighter and found so many little gems of inspiration.

Her main premise is that as Latter-day Saints, we are often regarded as peculiar, but that being peculiar isn't necessarily a bad thing.

She uses scriptures and personal experiences to explain the uniqueness of Latter-day Saints. Each chapter ends with reading recommendations, which I found incredibly useful.

Personal copy last read 10/07

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5/5 Stars

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