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Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don't Need: The Quest for Contentment...Review

About the book:
Why does it seem we are always looking for more? In her wonderfully unique style, author Mary Ellen Edmunds suggests that
You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don't Need because what you don't need never satisfies. "I can have a house filled with stuff and things, but if it's not what I need, it will never satisfy me, no matter how much I have," she observes. Have you noticed that the happiness we equate with abundance often eludes both those who get what they want in life and those who don't? This eye-opening treasure hunt of a book will help you find the secret to living with contentment.

Also includes activity suggestions to help families distinguish between needs and wants, be more aware of the influences around us that encourage materialism, and be more grateful and content with what we have.

I love Mary Ellen Edmunds. I love her sense of humor and her faith. I watch her each time I find one of her Women's Conference talks on BYU TV!

This was a delightful little book. Her point is that we're always looking for more, but that what we don't realize is that more abundance isn't what is going to make us happy. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what makes us happy.

This was fun to read, easy to read, inspirational and thought-provoking.

Personal copy read 8/07

* * * * *
5/5 Stars

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