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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Gazebo...Review

About the book:
Smalltown reporter Abby Reston is hungry for a good story when elderly, but still hale and handsome, Martin Rayfiel walks into her office. Martin tells the young newspaperwoman of his lifelong romance with Claire Swift, and how they have faithfully reunited once every year at the gazebo in the town square. When Abby goes to the gazebo to witness the annual meeting, she finds a briefcase filled with photographs, letters, tape recordings, and mementos. It is a poignant and haunting chronicle of love and devotion that will profoundly affect the life of Abby Reston and touch the heart of everyone who experiences it.

I liked it. It was a sweet, yet predictable novel. I'm a sucker for a love story and this one was sweet. It's not a stand-out novel and its storyline is familiar, but it was entertaining and a light, easy read.

The story spans 50 years and America, Italy Paris, and England.

Any story that includes Michelangelo's David is always interesting to me!

Read 12/07

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