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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Mercies...Review

I liked this, although I didn't enjoy it as much as I have the other Sandra Dallas books I've read. The 1933 Natchez, Mississippi setting is, from a historical aspect, fascinating. Having never been to Natchez, and having had minimal southern exposure, I enjoyed the history lesson more than the plot. The glimpse into southern history and society is entertaining and downright funny at times. The author captures the essence of the class and race distinctions that continued even after the war ended.

Of the two plot twists, one was surprising, and, I don't think completely necessary to the story, but it did add another Dallas-style emotional dimension. Overall, an interesting book.

Read 1/08

1 comment:

  1. I just love Sandra Dallas! I own all of her books and I want to read them all again this summer. Yes, I have to wait 6 mths before I have time to read them again. College.

    I just started a new book this morning. Death Comes for the Archbishop by W. Cather. Hope its good.

    I'm more in the mood for Sandra Dallas. I hope SD is still writing!

    I agree with you that this book, New Mercies, isn't my favorite of hers but very enjoyable. Like you said, its a dip into the southern life. And if a person likes this one, the rest of her works are sure to please!