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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Wednesday Letters...Review

About the book:
The surprise New York Times bestseller, from an author who delivers “American storytelling at its best.”

The story of marriage, family, and forgiveness that has become not just a bestseller but an instant classic.

Their story begins with one letter on their wedding night, a letter from the groom, promising to write his bride every week—for as long they both shall live.

Thirty-nine years later, Jack and Laurel Cooper die in each other's arms. And when their grown children return to the family B&B to arrange the funeral, they discover thousands of letters.

The letters they read tell of surprising joys and sorrows. They also hint at a shocking family secret—and ultimately force the children to confront a life-changing moment of truth…

I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I thought the premise was interesting (a husband writing his wife a letter every week for 39 years). I didn't love his previous book, The Christmas Jars, the first time I read it, although I loved the idea it created. So I didn't hold out much hope for this book.

It was a quick read and I loved how the story wasn't told through the letters but because of the letters. The letters enhance the story and bring forth important pieces of knowledge. I loved the way the story showed forgiveness and mercy. It all wrapped up a bit too neatly and perfectly, but it was an overall good, thought-provoking book.

Thanks to my local library for having a copy I could borrow.  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 1/08

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3/5 Stars


  1. I just finished reading this too, yesterday in fact. Funny...I liked The Christmas Jars much better than Wednesday Letters.

  2. the art of paper and pen is going the way of the record...So any book about how great snail mail is can only be worth reading!

  3. i enjoyed The Christmas Jars. i'm going to put this one on my to-read list.

  4. Hi there! Glad you enjoyed the book, and I'm not bothered that anyone liked CJ better than WL :) Though it's funny how mixed the opinions are.

    Keep writing those good old fashioned letters! :)

  5. Speaking of The Wednesday Letters, I work with Jason and thought you’d like knowing he has a new contest on his web site where you can win a free trip-for-two to his hometown in VA, the Shenandoah Valley. All you have to do is mail him a Christmas card! All the details are here: