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Friday, April 4, 2008

Behind the Smile: My Journey Out of Postpartum Depression: Review

About the book:
While the famous Osmond smile beamed for the camera, no one, not even Marie, fully realized the emptiness that loomed behind the smile. Marie is not alone; more than one out of ten new mothers experiences post-partum depression (PPD) after childbirth. The mother of seven, Marie became increasingly depressed after the birth of her youngest child. One night, she got in her car, leaving her family and husband, and drove north-with no intention of returning until she felt she had resolved this crisis. After she went public with her own experiences with PPD on Oprah and Larry King Live, the response was overwhelming. Now, Marie shares the fear and darkness of the depression she overcame, and with the doctor who helped her through her ordeal, offers the methods she learned for treating PPD.

I didn't struggle with Postpartum Depression after either of my pregnancies, but I still found that I could relate to Marie's story. So often women struggle with keeping it all together and we try and do it ourselves. And, unfortunately for Marie, she was raised with the ideas of "grin and bear it" and "the show must go on at the expense of yourself". Whether you struggle with diagnosed depression or not, that attitude is not healthy. There is nothing wrong with talking about our fears and issues and getting help if necessary.

I appreciated how she talked about the importance of taking care of yourself, and her interest in nutrition/natural healing as well as allopathic.

An insightful book, and definitely useful for women of child-bearing years.

I read my own personal copy, but you can purchase your own copy here.

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4/5 Stars

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  1. Looks good. I think I'll check it out.