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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


About the book:
Cadence reunites us with Andrew Carmichael, an inner city physician, and his partner in practice, Bethany Cole, one of the first female physicians in America, who share a desire to serve the poor with their healing skills and with love. As the story continues, they discover that they share more than a professional passion--they share a love for each other.

Set in late nineteenth century New York City and the surrounding Hudson River Valley, and incorporating the beginnings of American gospel music,
Cadence continues the saga of the courageous immigrants who helped build our nation, the struggles they endured, and the music they created, lived and loved by.

Cadence, book 2 in the American Anthem series, picks up where Prelude ends. I enjoyed it even more than the first one.

Dr. Andrew Carmichael wonders how he will tell Dr. Bethany Cole of his love for her, and when he does, what will her reaction be when she learns of his past.

The MacGovern family finds that America isn't quite as promising as they had anticipated. However, a chance encounter with a stallion, recently purchased by Michael Emmanuel, brings hope to the family.

Susannah and Michael realize their love for each other, but when Michael asks Susannah to perform with his orchestra, her fears keep her from saying yes. Michael's compassion for others brings the MacGovern family to Bantry Hill, providing Conn with a welcome job and the family with a home.

Through Dr. Carmichael and Dr. Cole, we also meet Maylee, a delightful young girl with a heartbreaking health condition. Andrew's best friend Sergeant Frank Donovan returns and we meet Mary Lambert, an opium-addicted woman, living in squalid circumstances, through no real fault of her own.

I loved these characters. B.J. Hoff has a remarkable way with words: her writing is quite lyrical and flows beautifully. She has taken all of these characters and intertwined their lives in such a way that is both compelling and enthralling. She has captured the essence of the time period: the hope and despair faced by early immigrants.

An easy, enjoyable read. I am anxious to finish the final book of the series.

Thanks to my local library for having a copy I could borrow.  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 1/09

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4/5 Stars

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