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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Lever Long Enough...Review by the Doctor

About the book:
In the near future, the Israeli military has developed a prototypic time machine. When believers in Yeshua (Jesus) create a politically explosive situation that threatens the balance of peace between Israel and nearby countries, the Israelis must send a team of four elite soldiers back to film the theft of Jesusʼ body from the tomb and thus disprove Christianity. The team, consisting of a Special Forces soldier as leader, an ex-American astronaut as engineering specialist, an archaeologist, and a linguist, has exactly seventy-two hours to collect the video evidence. Drawn into a web of first century deception and death, the only way to escape is for the team to change the past. In the present, a traitor attempts to sabotage the mission and seize control of the military complex. The Special Forces leader operating in the past is the only one who can reveal him, but he is trapped two thousand years away. Even with a time machine, time is running out...

When this book arrived, my husband grabbed it before I could, so his review follows.
Synopsis – An Israeli scientific/military team is sent back in time to find proof of the theft of the body of Jesus Christ from the tomb, and thereby discredit the story of the resurrection and in so doing discredit the faith of ‘followers’ in an Israel set in the future.

An author’s first book is always so interesting to me. It’s almost like those annoying American Idol shows (not that I watch, but unless you’ve unplugged your TV, you’ve seen them) where they are listening to people for the first time. You might find a superstar, or you could find something painful and horrific.

Amy Deardon really impressed me. If I had read this, I would not have said that it was her first book. She has a main plot and sub plot, with references to historical events and it is a compelling page turner. The story covers a couple of different genres – a little sci-fi, with an historical action theme. She weaves the story arcs together with dexterity and subtlety. When I read the back cover I wondered how this book was going to play out. Amy confesses to being a ‘skeptic who came to faith’, and I worried that I was about to read was more proselytizing than enjoyable.

Remarkably, she finds a very nice balance between the overall story and the faith that she is explaining. This alone impressed me, since in the hands of an experienced author this would be a tough balance to find, but for a ‘newbie’ to nail this was quite the achievement.

The main characters in the story are well rounded, but a little more work on the supporting cast would have been a useful addition, but that’s probably more my bias for complex and multi-faceted personae than any real criticism of this book.

To sum it up, it did keep me up at night longer than I wanted to be up, which for me is often the truest test of a book.

A great first book – I will definitely read her again.
Thanks to First Wild Card for the opportunity to review this book. You can find out more about Amy here. You can read the first chapter here.  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 1/09

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