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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Outnumbered!: One Mother's Lessons in the Lively Art of Raising Boys...Review

About the book:
Boy #1 is a blessing. Boy #2 is a joy. But what happens with boy #3? And what if there is a #4? Or more? Suddenly, Mom is outnumbered. Throw Dad into the mix, and you have enough testosterone to chase Mom out the front door and keep her on the run from dawn to dusk.

A father can tell you a lot about raising boys. Researchers and psychologists can give you a lot of statistics and advice. Other parenting books can generalize. But only a mom of all boys can really explain what life is like when you are surrounded by men. 

From one "boy-mom" to another, I'm Outnumbered! offers sound advice and encouragement for every mom who has more than one son, even if there's a girl in the mix. Author Laura Lee Groves has raised four redheaded boys and has lived—in fact loves—to tell about it. Her strategy of intentional parenting (guiding moms to see their role as proactive parents) has been gleaned from her own experience, from other boy-moms, and from parenting experts. Her combination of personal anecdotes and authoritative research will show boy-moms how to:
  • handle sibling rivalry
  • foster leadership and teamwork
  • combat conflict
  • stay organized
  • love them unconditionally
  • and much more
Laced with touching and humorous stories, this practical manual provides encouragement, inspiration, and information—especially for the outnumbered mom.

I'm a mom of boys and the only female in my home.  Sometimes I do feel outnumbered!  While I don't have 4 boys, I do have two.  And, often, I have a handful of others, as our house is the gathering place of the neighborhood.  In many ways I can relate to Laura Lee Groves and some of her experiences, and I thoroughly enjoyed her book.

This isn't a giant parenting tome.  It's a short, easily read Christian book filled with insights, personal experiences and scriptural references about parenting.  Laura speaks openly about the importance of prayer in a mother's daily life.  Christian principles are reinforced.  There are practical tips and suggestions.

This is a book that isn't read quickly.  There are many, many great references and a terrific notes/reference section at the back.  The section of Laura's boys' insights is fascinating, as is the section specifically for dads.  I want to reread the book, this time with a high-lighter. A terrific addition to any parenting library and a great gift for new parents. 

Thanks to First Wildcard  You can learn more about Laura Lee Groves here.  You can read the first chapter here.  You can purchase your own copy here.

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  1. I don't have any kids yet but I definitely know some people who would love this book! Great review.

  2. Holly, thanks so much for posting. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!! Enjoy your boys.

  3. I love the title of this book. Although I don't have kids, I can imagine how it might be with four boys! Wow! That is a lot of testosterone and boy issues to handle, but a rewarding experience for sure!