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Friday, April 29, 2011

Army of Entrepreneurs: Create an Engaged and Empowered Workforce for Exceptional Business Growth ...Review by the Doctor

About the book:
Imagine the benefits to be gained from a pool of employees who act as if they own the business: greater motivation, increased productivity, and a supercharged desire to succeed. As a young entrepreneur who turned a small PR business into a highly successful, international communications firm, Jennifer Prosek has experienced firsthand the power of instilling an "owner's mindset" in every employee.

With innovation driving the new economy, your company's people have never been more important. But old management models don't truly encourage the entrepreneurial thinking needed for success. In
Army of Entrepreneurs, Prosek presents an easy-to-follow action plan any company--large or small--can use to build a workforce dedicated to generating new business, creating breakthrough products and services, and sustaining growth.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. As someone who's being both an employee, and managed employees, I love this book. After you read this book, you will wish you worked for Jennifer Prosek because she totally gets what it means to "own the company" and look after her employees. The system she defines here is the perfect recipe for making employees happier, making your business bigger and better, and taking often fractious relationships (employer/employee) and turning them into synergistic win/win scenarios where everybody feels involved, everybody feels respected and everybody makes more money.

If you are an employer, prepare to feel like you've been doing it wrong for a long time. If you're an employee, you'll probably want to buy this book for your employer, and either give it to them face-to-face, or mail it to them anonymously. Personally, I think this book should be given to every politician, and they have to swear to follow the principles. If we took the whole country, ran it by these principles and really got every American involved and participating in the success of the country, we would have this economic downturn taken care of faster and easier than any other idea I've seen.

So take the weekend, take this book, take a deep breath and prepare to have your understanding of how to build a business modified and improved. Unless you are too entrenched in your current "less effective" business model, there is something here that can really help your life.

Thanks to Eric at Planned Television Arts for the opportunity to review this book. You can learn more about Jennifer Prosek here. You can purchase your own copy here.

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