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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ellis Island...Review and Giveaway

About the book:
Sweethearts since childhood, Ellie Hogan and her husband, John, are content on their farm in Ireland—until John, a soldier for the Irish Republican Army, receives an injury that leaves him unable to work. Forced to take drastic measures in order to survive, Ellie does what so many Irish women in the 1920s have done and sails across a vast ocean to New York City to work as a maid for a wealthy socialite. 

Once there, Ellie is introduced to a world of opulence and sophistication, tempted by the allure of grand parties and fine clothes, money and mansions . . . and by the attentions of a charming suitor who can give her everything. Yet her heart remains with her husband back home. And now she faces the most difficult choice she will ever have to make: a new life in a new country full of hope and promise, or return to a life of cruel poverty . . . and love.

I love Irish history and the Irish immigration to America has always fascinated me.  Kate Kerrigan addresses it from a perspective I was not familiar with.  When Eileen Hogan's husband is injured and unable to work, she travels to New York to work as a maid for a wealthy woman.  In New York, she is introduced to a life that is drastically different than her own in poor rural Ireland.  She becomes accustomed to running water and electricity, nice clothes and earning her own money.  Missing her husband desperately, she is torn with wanting to stay in comfortable America or return to poverty stricken Ireland and the man she loves.

I appreciated the contrast of life in Ireland and life in America.  Granted, it was life in rich New York and not poor immigrant New York, but nevertheless, the contrast was stark.  I liked the characters.  I would have liked a little more development, especially among some of the supporting cast.  I felt like we really only skimmed the surface of the potential many of these characters have, including John and his family. However, I also understand that this is the first book in a trilogy, so I hope that we will see more of these people soon.

There is incidental profanity, used in context. 

Thanks to Trish from TLC Book Tours for the opportunity to review this book. You can learn more about Kate Kerrigan here.  You can purchase your own copy here.  You can see other reviews and tour stops here.

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Because I loved Ellis Island so much, thanks to the publisher, I'm offering a giveaway. It really bugs me when you have to jump through tons of hoops in order to enter giveaways, so a comment with your email address will suffice.

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This giveaway ends July 21st.

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Read 6/11

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I had no idea this was part of a trilogy! Glad to see you liked it. It's on my shelf, waiting to be read or even tucked in my carry-on for vacation next week. ;)

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I've been reading more historical fiction and the title caught my eye. From your review this sounds like a book I'd like.

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I love books about Ireland. Have you read B. J. Hoff's Song of the Silent Harp series? It's an old one but very well written and interesting. I don't read a lot of fiction, but I did enjoy that one.

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Rachel Mehta said...

hoping to take my daughter on the boat ride over to Ellis Island this summer to see the museum and Statue of Liberty. Would love to read this book beforehand.

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