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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Harvest of Grace...Review

About the book:
Reeling from an unexpected betrayal, can Sylvia find relief from the echoes of her past…or will they shape her future forever?

Although Sylvia Fisher recognizes that most Old Order Amish women her age spend their hours managing a household and raising babies, she has just one focus—tending and nurturing the herd on her family’s dairy farm. But when a dangerous connection with an old beau forces her to move far from home, she decides to concentrate on a new start and pour her energy into reviving another family’s debt-ridden farm.

After months in rehab, Aaron Blank returns home to sell his Daed’s failing farm and move his parents into an easier lifestyle. Two things stand in his way: the father who stubbornly refuses to recognize that Aaron has changed and the determined new farmhand his parents love like a daughter. Her influence on Aaron’s parents could ruin his plans to escape the burdens of farming and build a new life.

Can Aaron and Sylvia find common ground? Or will their unflinching efforts toward opposite goals blur the bigger picture— a path to forgiveness, glimpses of grace, and the promise of love.

Sylvia moves to Dry Lake in an effort to get away when her former fiance marries her sister.  A love of dairy farming takes her to Michael Blank's dairy farm in Dry Lake and she hires on as a farmhand.  After going into rehab at the urging of his friend Lena, Aaron Blank returns home, hopeful.  Instead of a kind welcome, he is greeted by his angry father and finds a stubborn woman working the farm.  In Harvest of Grace, Sylvia must come to terms with her family situation and Aaron must find his way. 

No Amish story is complete without a community and friends from Hope's Crossing and Dry Lake return as Cara and Ephraim are hopeful to finally marry, but Cara must first forgive her father.  Lena and Grey patiently await the day they can court openly, waiting out of respect for Grey's in-laws. 

A simple way of life does not mean an ideal life with an absence of pain or problems, lack of faith or family issues.  Faith, family and community are all an important part of life and no matter one's religion or lifestyle, everyone has struggles of some sort.  Cindy Woodsmall's books capture the very human side of the Amish people and it's most refreshing. 

This is the third book in the Ada's House series and a terrific end to the trilogy.  At least, I assume it's a trilogy. It really helps to have read Hope of Refuge and Bridge of Peace first.  All the stories are wrapped up here and having the back history really does enrich the book.

Thanks to Waterbrook Multnomah for the opportunity to review this book. You can learn more about Cindy Woodsmall here.  You can purchase your own copy here
Read 9/11

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4/5 Stars

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