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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Most Important Catch...Review

About the book: 
She knew too much, and she’d seen too much. And the police refused to help. Knowing that she was to be the next scheduled death, Kelly Campbell hid under head to toe black leather and a tinted motorcycle helmet and ran for her life. 

When the weather turned cold, she turned south. She ended up in North Carolina, home to one of the most famed and eligible NFL football stars in the whole league; only she didn’t know that. She thought he was a businessman. Not being a huge fan, all she knew was that he was incredibly attractive, kind, generous, and that she was safe with him. Or was she?

His brand of fame proved to be all but deadly, but his fame wasn't nearly as lethal as his attraction. He kept her safe and protected. All except her heart.

When Kelly discovers that her employer is illegally dealing drugs, she also realizes her life is in danger.  On the run from Chicago, she ends up stranded in rural North Carolina and is rescued by Robby Robideaux.  Unaware that he is a famous football player, she finds herself quickly falling for him.  Robby realizes that Kelly is hiding from something and provides an employment opportunity for her remodeling an old farmhouse he recently purchased.  Inevitably though, everything she is running from eventually catches up with her and Robby wonders if they can ever have a future together.

I enjoyed the premise although I found bits of it rather implausible, such as Robby's efforts to prevent Kelly from discovering that he was a professional football player.  Kelly was simply too good to be true, but still a likeable and very capable heroine.  Robby was charming as the Steve Young-type football player:  handsome, LDS, single yet uncompromising in his standards and Christian values.

There was a great element of suspense and the LDS elements are simply a part of the book and in no way is it preachy.  I enjoyed the North Carolina setting.  Minor editing issues, but a clean, enjoyable story.

Thanks to The Book Bug for the opportunity to review this book.  You can learn more about Jaclyn M. Hawkes here.  You can purchase your own copy here. You can see other reviews and tour stops here.

Read 5/12

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3/5 Stars


  1. Hm... this one looks cute. Plus it sounds quite mysterious.

  2. Thanks so much for the review and being part of the blog tour!!