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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Booking Through Thursday...Gifts

Do you like to give books as gifts?

As much as I love books and I love giving books as gifts, I don't do it very often.  Unless you know someone's personal reading preferences or specific wants, it can be hard to buy books for people.  My kids get books because I know what series or author they're currently reading or want.  We do a lot of Barnes and Noble gift cards as well.  I will do book gift cards for other people instead of actual books, so they can get what they want, especially in this day of ebooks.

I like giving books as part of a baby shower gift because I think babies should know books from the beginning.

What about you?  Do you like giving books as gifts?

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  1. I like giving kids books as gifts. Adults can be tougher. I will give them, but only if I'm sure the receiver will enjoy them.

  2. Unfortunately, the adults nearby don't read that much and my books are shelved, I'm sure, when I give books.

  3. I prefer giving gift cards for the same reason you mentioned--it's hard to know what a person will like. I have bought gifts for baby showers though and I do buy book gifts for my kids.

  4. I recently won a $50 Amazon GC! I love GC's!!

  5. Luckily, I know that people I give gifts to well enough to choose the books. Otherwise, gift cards would be great.

  6. I love gift cards to book stores. That's my favorite gift to get and I give them, too. I usually give from Amazon in case the person doesn't like books and wants to get something else.

  7. Guess many of us are thinking of reader preferences. Gift cards usually work.

  8. I do prefer to give kids physical books too, there's just something magical about a book and I like to help introduce a child to that magic :)

  9. I give them to kids. For adults, I may give "coffee table" books or cookbooks or some non-fiction book about something I know they like but I don't give novels.


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