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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Reflections 1/19

Looking outside...it's cold.  Last night it was -1°F.  Today our high will probably be around 12°F and tonight it's going to be 0°F.  I don't mind the cold.  I prefer the cold over the heat. I love turtlenecks and sweaters and fireplaces.

Listening...to blessed silence.  The boys are sleeping in after a late night waiting for their Grandma's flight to get in.

Loving...that my mom is here for a quick weekend visit.

Thinking...that I need to get more jeans for The Artist. Suddenly his are a size too small.  They grow so quickly!

In my kitchen...since Grandma is here, we will probably eat out.  I'm thinking we haven't had Tepanyaki for awhile.

Wearing...black slacks and a pink turtleneck.

Needing...to fold some clothes.  I got most of the laundry done yesterday and won't have to do it again until Monday.

Reading...The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen

Today...some errands and adventure with my mom.

Hoping...that it would rain so the ice would melt or at least snow again so we'd have some traction while driving.

Planning...to watch more Downton Abbey.  The Doctor discovered it and got me hooked.  It's seriously a soap opera, but one I can't seem to get enough of.  Hugh Bonneville is just adorable.

Gratitude...that my mother is able and willing to travel and come and see us so often.

From my world...Jack Frost does beautiful work.

What about you?  What are you reflecting on today?


  1. I think we both live in the right places - I prefer heat over cold. It rained most of the week here, so we were very thankful for the sunshine yesterday.

  2. It sounds like you have a lovely weekend ahead of you, Holly. It's cold and snowy here this weekend, too. Perfect weather to curl up with a good book :-)

  3. Enjoy the time with your mom!
    Haven't watched Downton Abbey, but I hear it's good.
    Beautiful photo.

  4. I love it when my mom comes to visit too. She's coming in a few weekends. Do you have a long weekend like we do? Our weekend extends through Tuesday this week thanks to MLK day and a teacher workday. Could be long!

  5. I love Downton Abbey, too and so enjoy Sunday nights! Here today in the deep South, our weather was blissfully sunny and just perfect! I love your post format for today. :)

  6. I prefer cold to heat too - love to bundle up (although by March I will be longer for some warmer temps).

    Enjoy your visit with your Mom!