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It's cold and foggy. I blame the Dementors...

About Us

About Me
I'm the wife of one and the mother of two. I'm a tired mom who loves to read.  I've been both a work outside the home mother and a stay at home mother and I have respect for all mothers.  I have a BA in English and a Certificate in Technical Writing.  I do freelance editing and transcription at home part time along with some bookkeeping.  I am a proud nerd and fangirl. (Check out my Pinterest boards and you'll see my fandoms!) I am an unabashed homemaker.  I cherish the roles of wife and mother.  I was once asked to sum up my life in a book or movie title, but I chose a song.  Phil Vassar's "Just Another Day in Paradise" fits my life.  It is often loud and it's often busy.  It's not perfect and we have our challenges, but it's good and there's no place I'd rather be.

About The Doctor
Transplanted Brit. Excellent Chiropractor. Fantastic Father. Awesome Husband. Outstanding Book Reviewer. Best thing to ever happen to me.

About The Boy
Age 16. Avid reader. Archery, Outdoors/Adventure, Weight Lifting/Working Out. Handsome and charming. Great sense of humor. Hard worker. Awesome big brother. Amazing son.

About The Brother
Age 13. Charming and handsome.  Asperger's. Dinosaurs and Dragons. Godzilla. Legos. Artistic and creative.  Drawing and clay. Loves everyone.  Beautiful smile.  Sweet boy. Amazing son.