Everyday Tidbits...

I am having vision issues which are terrifying to someone whose work and interests lie in reading and writing. Because of this, I am falling behind in some of my reviewing commitments and ask for your support and patience.


PreviewI haven't always done star ratings, but recently decided to add them.  I'm going back through old posts as I have time and adding the star rating.  I post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon which have star ratings and sometimes it's nice to see those ratings on blogs as well.  I see a lot of bloggers who give 5 stars to everything they like.  I don't.

* * * * *
5 Stars are rare.  They are books that I think are amazing or that move me beyond words.

* * * *
4 Stars are books I loved.  They are books that will probably go on my shelves.

* * *
3 Stars are the norm.  They are books I enjoyed, liked, whatever.  There might be issues with them, but I liked them anyway.

* *
2 Stars are books I really didn't care for or books that were simply ok.

1 Star books are books I hated or didn't finish for whatever reason.