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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Sacrifice...Review

About the book:
Abram's Daughters book 3, the sequel to the bestselling The Betrayal. This powerful family saga features four Amish courting-age sisters growing up in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, beginning in the 1940s. Life in Gobble's Knob was all Leah Ebersol ever wanted until her older sister Sadie abandoned faith and family, leaving Leah no choice but to believe the worst, that Sadie-and her own beloved Jonas-had betrayed her. Now, two years later, Leah still misses both Sadie and Jonas keenly. Because of her sister's shunning, she cannot contact either of them but hears through the grapevine that they are married. Loyal neighbor Gid is still biding his time, but on the verge of accepting his courting invitation, tragedy befalls the Ebersols and Leah must again choose between her own happiness and her family. Mary Ruth dreams of becoming a teacher, but it has gotten pushed to the back of her thinking when a nice young Amish boy comes courting. Twin Hannah yearns for her sister to attend baptismal classes with her, but Mary Ruth is not ready to take her vows. How will this family in turmoil find peace?

I wasn't disappointed. I've enjoyed this series so far. The glimpse it offers into the lives of the Plain people is fascinating. Their way of life is foreign, yet familiar. I loved how the author explored the different religious aspects of the Amish vs. the Mennonite faiths, and that Mary Ruth and others weren't afraid to question their upbringing and the strictness of their lives.

I found myself hurting for Leah and how she lost her true love through misunderstandings and her father's selfishness. And yet, I wished I could have the complete and utter faith and ability to ultimately forgive as she did. At times, she was too good to be true: willingly giving up her wants and desires and fiance to raise her younger siblings after her mother's death. I admire strength in women, both fictional and real.

I'm looking forward to reading the remainder of the series.

Thanks to my local library for having a copy I could borrow.

Read 2/08

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4/5 Stars


  1. i've seen this series and even once checked one the books out of the library, but i've not read it. i guess i might have to get to it at some point ... thanks for your review.

  2. Oh! The Abram's Daughter series! I loved them, and read 5 of them in a few days.