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Friday, April 4, 2008

I am a Mother...Review

About the book:
How do we get women to stop saying, "I'm just a mother"? Or, "I used to be such and such, but now I'm just a mother"? When Jane Clayson Johnson, former network news correspondent and co-host of The Early Show attended a gathering of nearly fifty LDS couples, she was shocked to hear the women in the group describe themselves as "just a mother." She had not expected Latter-day Saint women to have the same undervalued view of motherhood as the rest of the world. Jane's fascinating personal story and unique insights will inspire women to raise their awareness and perception of this important--and often difficult--role.

Jane Clayson Johnson has written a beautiful book whose sole purpose is to show you that motherhood is a wonderful thing and not something to be ashamed about. Having been a career woman/working mother, I can understand how she felt when people criticized her for choosing to stay at home with her children. I was blessed to not run into that sentiment very often, but it is real, nevertheless.

Jane share personal anecdotes and vignettes about her life and how she had always planned for marriage and family, but when that plan didn't go as she hoped, she found her career. Once successful, marriage and family finally came to her and it was then that she chose to leave her career to be a full-time wife and mother.

At once insightful and engaging, this little book is delightful. It's easy to read, but you'll finish it feeling uplifted and inspired. I'd love to see her write a book when her children are teenagers!

I read my own personal copy, but you can purchase your own copy here.

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5/5 Stars

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