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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Nursing Mother's Companion...Review

About the book:
Breastfeeding may be natural, but it is not always instinctive. The 20th Anniversary Edition of this classic guide to breastfeeding, beloved by a generation of women, has been completely revised and updated to provide even more practical, reassuring advice and support for today's expectant and nursing mothers. Easy-reference survival guides help identify and resolve problems at each stage. An appendix on drug safety is a unique feature among breastfeeding books.

A terrific reference guide. Breastfeeding, while natural, isn't always easy for every single new mother. I couldn't start breastfeeding my first son until he was 3 weeks old, due to his being in the NICU for open-heart surgery. I pumped for three weeks and the nurses and I gave him bottles. We started breastfeeding AFTER he came home from the hospital and I'm convinced we were so successful at breastfeeding so late after birth because of my lactation consultant and this book.

Definitely a bit more on the medical side of things and not a book you just sit down and read cover to cover, but a terrific reference book. I didn't use it much with my second son, but it was great to refer to when I got mastitis.

I read my own personal copy, but you can purchase your own copy here.

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