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Monday, May 5, 2008

Bread Alone...Review

About the book:
Thirty-one-year-old Wynter Morrison is lost when her husband leaves her for another woman. Desperate for a change, she moves to Seattle, where she spends aimless hours at a local bakery sipping coffee and inhaling the sweet aromas of freshly-made bread. These visits bring back memories of the time she apprenticed at a French boulangerie, when her passion for bread-making nearly led her to leave college and become a baker.

Once again, the desire to bake bread consumes her thoughts. When offered a position at the bake shop, Wyn quickly accepts, hoping that the baking will help her move on. But soon Wyn discovers that the making of bread—the kneading of the dough—possesses an unexpected and wondrous healing power—one that will ultimately renew her heart and her soul.

I almost put it down and didn't finish it, but it is entertaining, for the most part. A romantic, coming-of-age book for adults. In LA, Wynter marries a rich man, lives a life of leisure and luxury and then her husband finds someone else and leaves. She's lost and angry and finds her way to Seattle, where her best friend lives. She looks back into her past and her love of baking and bread and gets a job in a bakery. Along the way, she makes some friends and learns about herself and her family, and comes to terms with issues and people in her life.

The book intersperses flashbacks of the time she spent in Toulouse, working in a boulangerie, and learning about the art of making bread. The author includes bread recipes and details about making it, which I found fascinating.

Although she's a bit shallow and selfish, there is a ring of truth to Wynter's voice. I can't say I liked her all that much, but as the story unfolds, she does sort of grow on you and you can find sympathy for her.

The *F* word is sprinkled throughout the book, and while not overused, it's also not necessary. There are also several love scenes that while not excessively graphic, do leave little to the imagination. Again, details like that aren't necessary to the story, as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks to my local library for having a copy I could borrow.  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 5/08

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3/5 Stars

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