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Friday, August 1, 2008


About the book:
A place you will never forget.

Rosemunde Pilcher's Scotland...where the fields flourish with greenery, the bills bloom with purple, and the lochs glitter with the bright blue of the sky.

A time you will never forget.

September...when the heather is in full flower, the first chill of autumn cools the air, and the countryside stirs with the hunt balls, dinner parties, and dance.

A novel you will never forget.

Rosamunde Pilcher's September...a story of homecomings and heartbreaks, friendships, betrayals, forgiveness, and love. From the author of the classic multimillion-copy bestseller The Shell Seekers, it is a book you will fall in love with...

Rosamunde Pilcher is one of those authors I return to, again and again. September is one of my favorites. Set in Scotland, it follows the lives of two families, the Airds and the Balmerinos. Pilcher's characters are likeable. For the most part, her women are strong: here it's Isobel and Violet. Pilcher characters grow with you, there is a depth to them that is often found lacking in popular novels.

As the summer wanes, the countryside prepares for a ball. The prodigal daughter returns home. A young boy discovers his strength and his parents rediscover their love. An Army veteran comes to terms with his experiences and Violet Aird watches over them all.

Pilcher's descriptions of Scotland are beautiful. You can feel the chill in the September air as Autumn begins to settle over the countryside. You wish you could be part of the balls and hunts and parties.

This is a story of family and homecomings, friendship and betrayal, and love and forgiveness. It's a story that warms your heart and one that you can return to over and over again, like a favorite sweater or a good friend.

While not a sequel to The Shell Seekers, it does continue the story of Noel Keeling, Penelope's son, as he is involved with Alexa Aird. I was so happy to see Noel redeem himself and grow up.

A terrific read.

I read my personal copy, but you can purchase your own copy here.

Last read 7/08

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5/5 Stars


  1. This books sounds good, I'm adding it to my 'to-read' list!

  2. I also love Pilcher. I just found one of her old books, "Voices in Summer", on a shelf at the library. Written in 1984, I somehow missed it. I then looked at FantasticFiction.com and found a LOT of her books that I have missed, mostly older ones. I plan to read them all over the next few months. What an unexpected treat!


  3. I saw Shell Seekers, with Angela Lansbury in it. I really liked it. But I haven't read any of her books. Thanks for the review.