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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Salon

It's been a slow book week here at 2 Kids and Tired. That's unusual for me!

My boys went back to school this week, and my library stack hasn't seemed appealing. Sometimes you just need to be in a certain mood for certain books!

So, I cruised through my Goodreads to-read list and my library website and reserved a few more books that I should be able to pick up next week.

I really enjoyed Nothing to Regret, by Tristi Pinkston. Terrific. I read her new book, Season of Sacrifice in May and absolutely loved it too!

I did finish a terrific Christmas book, but my review won't be posted until September 1st, as part of the book blog tour for The Santa Letters. You'll love it.

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Have a great reading week.


  1. I love how you are using GoodReads as your to-read list. I'm not consistent. Maybe I should be...lol!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, Holly! They mean a lot.