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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Tenth Case...Review...DNF

About the book:
Criminal defense attorney Harrison J. Walker, better known as Jaywalker, has just been suspended for using "creative" tactics and receiving "gratitude" in the courtroom stairwell from a client charged with prostitution. Convincing the judge that his other clients are counting on him, Jaywalker is allowed to complete ten cases. But it's the last case that truly tests his abilities—and his acquittal record.

Samara Moss—young, petite and sexy as hell—stabbed her husband in the heart. Or so everyone believes. Having married the elderly billionaire when she was an eighteen-year-old former prostitute, Samara appears to be the cliched gold digger. But Jaywalker knows all too well that appearances can be deceiving. Who else could have killed the billionaire? Has Samara been framed? Or is Jaywalker just driven by his need to win his clients' cases—and this particular client's undying gratitude?

When I was asked to review this book, it sounded interesting. Truly it did. The premise is that a renegade lawyer, threatened with disbarment, tries his last case: a young, beautiful wife accused of murdering her elderly, billionaire husband.

The main character, Jaywalker, has potential. The accused, Samara, isn't someone you like, let alone care about. You don't even want her to get acquitted. The book is gritty and realistic, with some twists, turns and of course, the anticipated deceptions. You wonder how Jaywalker will even be able to pull off an acquittal. However, there are sordid parts to the story, and lots of profanity. I don't like profanity. I especially don't like the well-known and overused "F" word. It's never appropriate and it never improves a story. I can't get past it, and I'm disappointed that it's so prevalent here.

I haven't even finished the novel: I ended up just skimming it.

I do appreciate TJ Dietderich at Planned Television Arts for the opportunity to have reviewed it (and I hope a negative review won't keep him from asking me to review something else!). I have an ARC that I would be happy to pass along to someone who wants to read it. Those of you who like legal thrillers will probably enjoy it. First person to request the book can have it!  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 9/08

1/5 Stars


  1. I'll take it. I know someone who'll enjoy it and not even flinch. Thank you. Unless you don't want to send it to Canada.

  2. Sandra's friend and I have something in common...lol! I am really looking forward to reading this book. :)

  3. I just heard about this book from Cheryl's Book Nook and put it on my TBR list - guess I'll look for it at the library!

  4. Thank you for an honest review. I really appreciate that when I am looking at book review blogs. :)


  5. Jaywalker - what an unusual name!

  6. I appreciate the honest review. That's what this is all about. I agree with the profanity and how it never improves the story. Your review convinced me that I do not need to read this book. Thank you.

  7. I did enjoy the book overall, but I understand your reasons for not wanting to finish it. I have to say that I didn't care for Samara either. I never quite warmed to her.

  8. I am the same way with the profanity. It's a big turn off for me, especially the "f" word. It never enhances a story, in my opinion.