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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Salon

It's been a slow book month here at 2 Kids and Tired.

I've been working on Talk of the Town by Lisa Wingate. I was having a hard time getting into it. So, I set it aside and started, Nice to Come Home to by Rebecca Flowers. The jury is still out...

I have quite a stack sitting in my TBR pile on my nightstand. But, I'm not really motivated to read at the moment. Weird.

Have a great reading week, even if I don't! For better Sunday Salon posts, click here.


  1. I've had a similar week in relation to not really feeling like reading, which is unusual for me. I don't think I've read more than 2 pages this week. Maybe it's the change of season here...who knows.

  2. For me, July and August were reaing slump months. I felt so guilty. I got back to reading after reading 31 short stories and two books in September!

    SS 1: Burning up in October Sun
    SS 2: A Dog About Town

    Kill word Verification

  3. Ah, a Sunday Salon participant I can relate to! It has been a slow reading month in my house, too. However, if you consider that for the past several years I only read two novels a year, I've been doing more reading than ever :-). I was stuck in two books that I was determined to finish. I finally finished one and ditched the other. The rest of my TBR stack looks like it will be a breeze after that.

  4. Man, I can relate. I finally feel like I'm getting my grove back the last couple of weeks. I think the "2 kids and tired" pretty much sums it up! I did my first Sunday Salon today, with the hopes that a regular blogging "assignment" about my books would help.

    also 2 kids and tired

  5. Even on the spending ban, my TBR pile is growing!

  6. Don't give up on Nice To Come Home To, I read it and actually quite liked it. :-)