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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Salon

It was an interesting book week here at 2 Kids and Tired Book Reviews. My husband reviewed another book for me, Operation Blue Light.

I read and loved Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas. Hatchette Books is offering a set for me to giveaway. So don't forget to enter!

I read and liked, The Secret Journal of Brett Colton. Sister's Ink was cute and Midwife of the Blue Ridge was fascinating.

I also reviewed Chasing Diana and didn't like it, so my review wasn't positive. Subsequently, the author didn't like my review either. I can't blame her. It can't be easy to pour your heart and soul into a book and then see negative reviews written about it. However, I think that it's unrealistic for an author to expect every reader to love and adore their book like they do.

So how about you? Have you ever had an author comment on one of your reviews? Do you think honesty is important in reviewing books or should negative reviews be softened? Share your insights with me. Please!

Have a great reading week. For more Sunday Salon posts, click here.


  1. I reviewed Midwife of the Blue Ridge and like it very much too. I haven't had a negative response to a review yet but I fall over myself trying to say positive things-so far anyway. Honesty is best as someone has to point out the weaknesses for the writer to improve his craft. I've just posted my first Sunday Salon, I'm enjoying this feature.

  2. I have not had an author come back to me after a negative review. I think as long as it is a fair and honest review, you are entitled to say what you feel and an author, however difficult it is to accept criticism, should realise that it comes with the territory. Not everyone will love their book and readers are entitled to voice this constructively. Genuine book lovers do not read things to be negative about them afterwards, but neither should they feel hounded to not be able to voice their opinions on their own blog. If a blogger is unnecessarily nasty then not many people will want to read their reviews I feel and they will lose their audience.

  3. Please keep giving your honest response to the books. This is why I keep checking your blog. If I wanted a glowing review everytime I would check out the author's blog.

  4. I've never had any author comment on a negative review of mine, though I have had a few stop by to thank me for a good review.

    I think honesty is more important than softening negative reviews - readers have to be able to trust the reviewer to give their honest opinion. I try not to be too harsh on books, but I can't resist the occasional snarky post.

  5. I have had one author respond to a negative review but she was very gracious about it. She did not get defensive but just thanked me for my opinion and said it helped her. I thought that was a pretty nice response on the author's part. I read the response you got to your review and was not to impressed by the author's defensive response.
    Shannon Hale wrote some great articles on her blog recently about authors and reviews and readers and reviews. They were interesting articles with some very valid points.
    Personally, if I did not like something I am not going to pretend I did.