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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Distant Thunder...Review

About the book:
The prophet Ezekiel was never taken seriously when he predicted the destruction of Israel s enemies; unfortunately for them, he was right. The truth of Ezekiel s words will be felt by the entire modern-day world, and it seems chaos will reign supreme. In the midst of the ensuing mayhem, Pastor Ty Dempsey arises as the man who is able to connect modern-day occurrences to the teaching of old.

Meanwhile, Israeli pilot Moshe Eldan starts to see the truth of the prophecies in his daily dealing with terrorists. Dempsey and Eldan soon realize that they are part of a bigger plan; however, they are not alone. This thriller provides an answer to an age-old question: What would happen if the entire world turned on Israel? This thriller provides the answer in a fast-paced read, filled with all the action and adventure that usually accompanies the end of the world.

I think the premise of this story is fascinating: the exploration of ancient prophecies coming to pass in our modern day. The story alternates between Pastor Ty Dempsey in America and Captain Moshe Eldan in Israel and terrorists in Syria and America. Each has his mission, each believes that his cause and what he fights for is right and true.

As Ty follows his heart and his belief that God is prompting him to prepare His people for the fulfillment of prophecy, he clashes with some of the church deacons. There are some interesting discussions about whether the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments are to be taken literally or figuratively. The author has done his research, biblically as well as historically.

As Moshe listens to his wife speak of her new found Christian faith, he begins to see connections between his modern-day experiences with terrorists and the prophecies of old. Both men begin to realize that they are part of a greater plan than anyone realizes.

I don't have an extensive understanding of Middle Eastern history, nor a great understanding of the military, so it took me some time to get into the book and keep track of who was who and where. There is a lot of action and quite a bit of dialogue, with some interesting conclusions drawn.

I think that Jimmy Root has a talent for storytelling. I also think that the book needs a really good editor. Little errors here and there can add up and distract from an otherwise compelling story. For example, a woman wears high heels not high heals. My biggest editing issue? I love references to Pride and Prejudice, but when you're quoting a character who is one of the most beloved and well known in literature, get his name right. It's Mr. Darcy, not Mr. Darby. While probably a simple, overlooked spelling error, nevertheless, it's an unacceptable miss from an editor.

An interesting and compelling story, it's also thought-provoking and can make you take a good, hard look at your own life and where you stand in your personal faith. Part of The Lightening Chronicles series, I do look forward to the next books and finding out how the stories of Ty and Moshe play out.

Thanks to Dorothy Thompson of Pump Up Your Book Promotion and the author for the opportunity to review this book. You can learn more about Jimmy Root, Jr. here. You can find additional tour stops and reviews here. You can purchase your own copy of the book here.

Read 9/09

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3/5 Stars

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