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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Doctor Who; The Darksmith Legacy, Book 1: The Dust of Ages...Review by the Boy

About the book:
The Doctor arrives just in time to lend a helping hand to a survey team of scientists drilling beneath the Moon's surface to discover the cause of an unusual power source. The adventure continues with deadly lunar dust and a Crystal that has been lost for centuries...Unfortunately it's just what the Darksmiths have been looking for and they have dispatched an Agent to recover it. At any cost.

This amazing ten-book series follows the Doctor on his exciting journey to discover the origins of the so-called Eternity Crystal and the powerful artisans who have created it — The Darksmiths.

This review is from E, my avid 11-year old reader. He dictated it so, for the most part, these are his words.
A phenomenal book! One of the best I’VE READ. Justin Richards is an awesome writer.

A mysterious signal causes the Doctor to land on the moon. There he meets Bobby, an archaeologist; Professor Dollund, who is in charge of the base; and Clinton Seymour, the chief technician. These people have found a new, unknown power source and the Doctor goes with them to find out more about it. Along the way they discover a dust that can kill and an evil agent sent from the people called, The Darksmiths.

The book is complicated like the episodes, like when the Doctor talks 90 miles an hour and then looks at you strangely when you don't understand him!

This is the first book and there are 10 books in the series. I can't wait to read the rest!
Personal copy.

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  1. Great review E! I'm on the look out for Christmas books for the boys in my extended family and this sound like a good one.
    Maureen Hume. www.thepizzagang.com