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Monday, October 26, 2009

When the Good News Gets Even Better: Rediscovering the Gospels through First-Century Jewish Eyes...Preview

About the book:
Walk through the Gospel Narratives in Hebrew sandals.

Imagine that you grew up as a Hebrew in the first Century. Imagine that the culture, the customs, and the perspectives in which you were raised were the window through which you would see and hear all that Jesus did and said. This unique Bible study allows you to see these Biographies of Jesus the way they were originally intended. See and feel the places, the people and the emotions as you experience the Gospels in a fresh new way.

This study allows you to read these letters just as their original audience did and provides vital insights into the Jewish culture, customs, and perspectives, giving a fresh and thoroughly relevant context to the life of Christ. Using a three-month format, this study combines all four Gospels into one comprehensive and chronological narrative, allowing you to focus on the overall themes and truths as they occurred.

Come experience the Gospels as never before—as observer, reader, and witness to those miraculous events and times.

About the author:
Neb Hayden is Director of International Student Development at The King's College in New York City. A former quarterback for "Bear Bryant" at Alabama, Neb has been involved his adult life with the fellowship in Washington, D.C. who work behind the scenes to nurture and encourage the leadership in over 180 nations. The group also works behind the scenes of the National Prayer Breakfast. Neb speaks and teaches extensively at seminars, conferences, and retreats the He and his wife, Susan live in New York City and are the parents of three grown sons and two daughters-in-law.
Thanks to Audra Jennings at The B&B Media Group and David C. Cook for the opportunity to tour this book. You can purchase your own copy here.

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