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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jacob's Gift...Review

About the book:
Jacob is a young boy with a gift for carpentry who is busy finishing up a project for a contest. His teacher, Rabbi Simeon, not only instructs him in carpentry, but also teaches him important lessons about God. Rabbi has just taught Jacob that when you give a gift to one of God's children, it's like giving a gift to God. The night before the contest while working on his project, Jacob has fallen asleep in the workshop and is awakened by a bright light. The light is a star which is directly over Jacob's father's stable. As he approaches the stable, he sees a man, a woman, and a newborn baby which is laying in the straw.

Remembering what Rabbi Simeon had told him, Jacob returns to the workshop and takes his project (a feeding trough) to the new family. The morning of the contest, the Rabbi pleased to find out that Jacob has acted upon the lesson he learned and has truly given a gift to God.

Jacob has a true gift for woodworking and a desire to please his Rabbi and God. One quiet night, Jacob sees a beautiful star and is drawn to a nearby stable. What he observes changes him and his perspective forever. When he realizes this new baby has no place to sleep, he gives his manger to the new family.

A beautiful story about the birth of Jesus Christ from an unusual perspective. I love rereading this story each year, and I love watching my boys read it. The illustrations are simple and the lessons taught, so important. God has given us His son, and the best thing we can give back is to serve others as we serve Him.

You can purchase your own copy here.

Personal copy reread 12/09

* * * *
4/5 Stars

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