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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Little Red Buckets...Review

About the book:
Every day, 10-year-old Jenny carries food up the hill to poor, elderly Mr. and Mrs. Nie. As a token of gratitude, Mrs. Nie gives Jenny a crystal angel--her most prized possession. But the greatest gift comes after Jenny's family is struck by tragedy, and Mrs. Nie provides a miraculous Christmas Eve gift-on the wings of an angel-that heals their hearts...

Little Sarah loves baking bread with her Grandma Jenny, and as the bread rises, Grandma Jenny tells Sarah stories from her childhood.

Her story of the little red buckets is a heart-warming one of love and service. As she watches her mother give selflessly to others, Jenny learns about Christ-like love. When she visits with old Mrs. Nie, she learns of guardian angels who look out for each of us. And one, snowy, Christmas Eve, Jenny learns that our guardian angels are those special people we already know and love.

This is a beautiful little story that I re-read every Christmas.

I reviewed my own personal copy. However, you can purchase your own copy of this sweet story here.

Read 12/09

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5/5 Stars

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