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Thursday, December 24, 2009

When Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem...Review

About the book:
There is no story to match the drama of the birth of Jesus Christ. The miracle of his conception, Mary's travail and young Joseph's frustrated efforts to find adequate lodging, the rustic setting in which the babe was born, the triumphant angelic announcement, the shepherds' wonder and awe, and the import of His birth have for centuries inspired countless poets, writers, and artists.

...These paintings portray in spectacular fashion the emotions that are at the heart of Christmas—the humble circumstances of His birth, Mary's love for her baby, and the portent of the Savior's mission. In a style reminiscent of the old Masters, the artist has used color, light, and a wonderful grasp of form and composition to create a panorama of beautiful paintings, filled with symbolism and produced exclusively for this magnificent picture book.

Even a glance will reveal that Joseph Brickey has achieved a masterpiece—a spectacular body of art that will enable you and your family to read the Christmas story in a whole new way and transport you to the time when Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

This is truly one of the more gorgeous books I've ever seen. The text of the story comes directly from Chapter 2 of Luke in the bible, and simply tells the story about the birth of Jesus Christ. We read this each Christmas Eve.

The illustrations are truly breathtaking. The story of Christ's birth is brought to life so richly, that you can almost imagine yourself part of it all. A beautiful addition to any Christmas collection. This is one book that you will pick up again and again each Christmas.

You can purchase your own copy of this gorgeous book here.

Personal copy reread 12/09

* * * * *
5/5 Stars

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