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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Promise for Breanna...Review

About the book:
For certified medical nurse Breanna Baylor, the course of true love never did run smooth. First, the coldly deceptive Frank Miller jilted her to marry another, destroying her faith in all men. Then unable to give her heart again, Breanna foolishly sent away her one true love, legendary hero John Stranger.

Now, years later, Breanna unexpectedly crosses paths with--and draws the unbridled wrath of--her former fiance, a man accused of cold-blooded murder. Will the brutal fugitive succeed in taking her life? Or does the future still hold a promise for Breanna?

After working in a small, frontier town as the only medical staff, Breanna finds herself a traveler on a wagon train heading towards San Francisco to visit her sister. She treats patients, performs surgery, delivers babies and fights off Indian attacks. All the while, she nurtures and teaches those around her.

I will admit that my first reaction to looking at this book was that it was a shallow romance novel. It captured my attention though and, for the most part, I enjoyed it. Filled with some romance and some drama, this is Christian fiction and somewhat preachy in that Breanna is forever teaching and bringing others to find Christ. It's also enthralling and enjoyable.

Set in the nineteenth century frontier, I found the historical aspect fascinating, especially Breanna's explanations of the history and evolution of medicine, as well as the biblical references to healing.

I like Breanna, although I think she's much too perfect and good. She has no flaws or faults, and always says the right thing and does the right thing.

This is the first of the Angel of Mercy series, but not the first time Breanna has appeared in an Al Lacy book. She and John Stranger appeared in at least one other series. This series is meant to stand alone however, with a brief history given at the beginning. I haven't read any of the other series' yet, but I assume that the characters, especially John Stranger, would seem more personal and developed if one was already familiar with them.

I believe my library has most of these other books and I look forward to checking them out and finding out more about Breanna and John.

Personal copy, but you can purchase your own copy here.

Read 2/10

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3/5 Stars

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