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Thursday, August 12, 2010


About the book:
When New York City shopkeeper Steve Dancy moved west to experience the frontier, he wound up embroiled in a deadly feud ... a feud he was forced to settle with guns. Now all he wants to do is follow up on a few business interests, write about his adventures, and continue his exploration of the West.

But in the autumn of 1879, Joseph McAllen asks Dancy for help. Ute renegades have abducted a young girl near Mesa Verde, Colorado, and the Pinkerton captain wants him to join the rescue party. Surprisingly, the trail doesn't lead into the San Juan Mountains, but to Leadville -- a rich mining town teeming with the worst elements of a raw frontier. Bitter feuds, vendettas, and greed turn the affair into a bloody conflict that spans the state.

Dancy has proven that he can handle himself in dangerous situations. But will this shopkeeper survive the perils of an untamed mountain wilderness?

A sequel to The Shopkeeper.  I don't read many westerns, but I enjoyed The Shopkeeper and the character of Steve Dancy.  Leadville doesn't disappoint either.  Steve and his mining buddy Jeff Sharp connect up with their old Pinkerton friend Joseph McAllen to track down the Indians who have abducted his daughter.  Steve's old nemesis, Mrs. Bolton returns and is as evil as always.

The story is exciting and fast-paced.  Gun fights and robberies, cowboys and Indians, horses and mining, friendship and loss.  The heroes are terrific and the bad guys aren't.  The adventure is entertaining.

My only complaint is the same one I had with The Shopkeeper and it's the pervasive use of the "F" word.  I would have given Leadville 4 stars if not for that.  The book stands alone well, but reading The Shopkeeper first sets a great tone and gives you back history of Steve Dancy. 

Thanks to Author Marketing Experts and the author for the opportunity to review this book.

You can learn more about James D. Best here and his Steve Dancy character here. You can purchase the book here.

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3/5 Stars


  1. I don't mind some foul language if it fits the story - otherwise, I'm with you, I can do without it.

  2. sounds interesting. can i ask something, is there romance in this book? thanks in advance for answering.

  3. Alexandra: no, there isn't any romance. Pure western adventure.