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Friday, December 31, 2010

How do people find my blog, Part 4

It's been almost a year since my last installment of How Do People Find My Blog. Sometimes, it's quite interesting, and even a bit confusing! So, sit back and laugh at some of the searches that have brought people to 2 Kids and Tired Book Reviews.

dinner time with 2 kids...  Can be an interesting and enlightening experience!  My personal opinion is that family dinner is important.  There is no substitute for sitting down together as a family to eat.  It doesn't matter what you eat.  What matters is that you're together and you're talking.  Ask questions, inquire about each others' days.  Ask, "what was the best thing that happened to you today?"  Ask, "what was the hardest thing that happened?"  Connect with your children.  It's important.

kids who must have the last word...  I have one of those.  He's 12.

evidence on why kids are tired in the morning...  At my house, it's because they've stayed up too late.  Usually they're reading.

eng book review for class 10 not more than 2 pages... Write your own book review.  Seriously.  Read the damn thing and write the review.  It's not hard.

have two kids / blog...  Hey, me too!

why kids love chocolate...  Because they're human?  Mine love it because it's coded into their DNA.  Truly.  They're cursed.

how can light be changed to another form of energy...  No idea.  I have a degree in English, not science.  My 12 year probably knows.

x-force sex and violence 2 review...  You won't find that kind of review here.  Sorry.

the mailbox is it a good book for 4th graders... Not the one I read.  It's a terrific book, but it's not a juvenile book.

expectations of having two kids...   Don't have expectations.  Seriously.  You'll be disappointed.  Just go with it and enjoy them.

how to raise a stubborn red headed toddler boy... 
Neither of mine are red heads, but I can tell you about raising a dark-haired boy and a lighter-haired boy...
is mary beth chapman mormon... 
No, she is not.

does God want me to lose my house...
I can't speak for God when it comes to your life, but I wouldn't think so.  There are lessons there for you to learn through the trials and experiences you have. Sometimes those trials come from choices you've made, sometimes they come from choices other people have made. Those trials also might involve losing your house, but I don't think God is sitting there saying, "you need to lose your house".

what does God want me to consider as I make decisions about money...
That is between you and God. 

compare the similarities between children today and children in the past...  T
his is always a fascinating exercise and one I love to ponder and research on occasion.  Just comparing my childhood with that of my own children is fascinating.

two kids mother tired...
Don't I know it!

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