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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Organize your books

I'm not officially doing Bloggiesta this time around.  But,  I liked the mini challenge hosted by Jenn's Bookshelves about organizing your books.

I don't know that I'm super organized. I always schedule reviews that have set dates. I just create a draft post in blogger on the date the review is to be published. When I finish the book, I add the review and it's ready. If a book has an open date, I still schedule the reviews. Ideally, I like one post/review a week day. Sometimes it's less. But,  I don't like doing multiple posts in a day.  I will sometimes have reviews scheduled for weeks out.

I should let people know when I receive books, but I don't.  I do try to let publicists know when reviews are posted.

I always note in the review where I got the book, whether it's mine, the library's or from a publicist/author.  I've gone back through old posts and added that information.

When I first started reviewing and was offered books, I took everything. I quickly figured out that wasn't a realistic thing to do. I read quickly, but it's very easy to get overwhelmed with review books.  I realized very early on that if I had to force myself to read a book, chances are I wasn't going to like it.  Because of that, I've learned that if I think I might not like a book, I don't take it. I don't relish writing negative reviews or doing DNF posts. So, sometimes if I don't like a book or simply cannot finish it, I'll do a preview post with an "about the book" and an "about the author" instead, rather than doing a negative or DNF.  I do, however, believe in being honest and I like knowing when someone doesn't like a book and why.

I have all of my review books in a stack on the end table by my bed.  They stay in one place unless I'm currently reading one of them.  I can tell, at a glance, how many are actual review books.  I also have a category in Goodreads called, "In My Reading Basket" and those are the books I have in my possession that need to be read.

What about you?  Do you have an organizing system?


  1. I'm not nearly as organized as you are. I do have my books organized, but it's in a system only I can understand and it's hard to explain.

  2. I don't have to organize much since, unfortunately, I'm not reading a whole lot of books right now, just two: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. The first is kinda for work and the second is with my hubby, but they are both good.

    Laura-Cedar Fort

  3. I've just started keeping my books organized by the month a review is due. But, I'm backing away from review books and hope to get back to reading from only my personal shelves (with a few exceptions), soon. It's very easy to take on too many ARCs. I was doing really well at not accepting many and then I started to miss getting parcels, around Christmas -- we don't have much family, so we get hardly any gifts and I don't suppose it's surprising I did a lot of requesting during the holidays, but I'll restrain myself in the future. Having too many books with specific due dates can end up being an exhausting burden.

  4. Bookfool,

    I'm finding that have too many scheduled due dates is truly exhausting and it often affects how I like a book. For some books, I've found, you need to be in a certain state of mind to read and enjoy them.

    I'm hoping to get back to finding some of these new books at the library instead of requesting ARCs that I then MUST read by a certain date.