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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Save the Date...Review

About the book:
When Alex and Lucy pick out wedding invitations, they wonder if they can be printed in vanishing ink.

Former NFL star Alex Sinclair is a man who has it all--except the votes he needs to win his bid for Congress. Despite their mutual dislike, Alex makes Lucy a proposition: pose as his fiancée in return for the money she desperately needs. Bound to a man who isn't quite what he seems, Lucy will find her heart on the line--and maybe even her life. When God asks Alex and Lucy to scrap their playbook and follow his rules, will they finally say, "I do"?

This was, quite simply, a fun book to read.  A bit far-fetched, but honestly laugh-out loud funny. It's a nice diversion. I didn't like Lucy right away, but she grew on me.  I loved that her job involved working with at-risk girls who had graduated out of foster care.  When her non-profit funding is cut, she finds herself accepting an unusual proposition.  Can she commit to it and follow-through or will she finally listen to God and let her heart take over?  

While a classic chick-lit novel, it's not quite as light as one would think. The Christian overtones are strong and the lessons learned include forgiving ones self and turning your life over to God. 

Loved the characterizations and  Julian, especially, was a total kick.  Clare grew on me as well and I loved the interactions between the two.  Predictable, but with a sweet ending, this is an enjoyable diversion and one that was fun to read.

Minor peeve: While I loved the shout out to Science Fiction/Fantasy fans, and especially the reference to Doctor Who, I have to complain that real fans won't call it Dr. Who like it was used here, they use the whole word Doctor... and it would have been neat to have a real reference to show that Lucy really did know the show...such as which series/doctor was on the DVD set in her bag.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers for the opportunity to review this book. You can learn more about Jenny B. Jones here.  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 2/11

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4/5 Stars

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