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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tender Vow...Review

About the book:
Michigan-born brothers John and Jason Evans took a ski trip in the Rockies, but only one came home alive-John was tragically killed on a daring descent down Devil's Run, an infamously dangerous slope.

In an attempt to soothe his guilt and grief, Jason sets out to make amends with his widowed sister-in-law, Rachel, by offering to help with her two small children, doing odd jobs around her house, and trying to ease her own heavy burden of grief. A new Christian, he is bent on growing his faith and helping Rachel see her way through the fog of pain and confusion.

Left to raise her three-year-old daughter and newborn son on her own, Rachel Evans is anything but willing to become her brother-in-law's charity case, particularly since they have a history she'd rather forget. She's determined to make it on her own but soon finds that God has other plans for her-and for Jason. Can she accept the Lord's leading and still honor her late husband's memory?

I loved Sharlene's Daughters of Jacob Kane series and so I was curious about reading more from her.  This is a sweet story about love and forgiveness.  Sharlene did a great job of capturing the grief that surrounds loss and the exploration of new feelings as people move forward.  The Christian elements are strong, with Rachel and Jason both learning how to listen to the voice of God in their lives.  The novel is somewhat light and a bit predictable, despite the subject matter, but it is still a sweet story. Perfect for an afternoon escape. 

Personal copy.  You can learn more about Sharlene MacLaren here.  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 2/11

* * *
3/5 Stars

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