Meeting Brandon Mull

One of the Boy's favorite authors is Brandon Mull who wrote the Fablehaven series.  The Boy devoured those books and has been eagerly working through the first book of the new Beyonders series.  My good friend let us know that Brandon was going to be at the Boise Barnes & Noble on Tuesday and the Boy has been beside himself with excitement for a week. 

Yesterday, I took him out of school early and we headed over to B&N.  The signing started at 4:00, but not knowing what to expect, we decided to arrive early.  We got there about 2:00 and were the first ones in line.

The Boy brought his entire Fablehaven series as well as his Beyonders book.  When Brandon arrived, he spoke to the group (probably about 60 people) for 20 minutes and then took some questions.  When he sat down to sign books, he said that he would stay until the last person left.  He signed every book the Boy had, as well as a bookmark for him and a bookmark for his good friend who couldn't be there.  We were able to visit as he signed and he engaged the Boy completely.  He was so personable, friendly and real.

It was a fun afternoon spent with my remarkable son who got to meet someone he looked up to: a remarkable man who exceeded every expectation we had of the event.  Thanks Brandon Mull for being the kind of person a boy can look up to!


  1. That is so cool!! I love it when an author is that engaged with their readers. I've been meaning to pick up the books because of the fun covers, and now it looks like I'm definitely going to get them!

  2. I have never read a Mull book. But have read many post about how cool this author is. One day I need to pick up one of his books

  3. I was there that night and got the first 2 books signed, it was awesome


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