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Friday, July 8, 2011

Reagan: What Was He Really Like?...Preview

About the book:
Intimate stories by real hard-working, unpretentious, selfless people, all thrown into a milieu; a simmering stewpot of diverse young men & women, all working for a common goal—to help Ronald Reagan succeed, from the start! 

People have asked, “What was Reagan like privately?” “How did he treat his children?” “How did he handle pressure?” “How did he handle danger?” “How did he treat his staff?” “How did he handle difficult, almost impossible to deal with, legislators?” Watch it unfold in intimate detail. See how Reagan used humor to disarm his most ardent critics and tenacious opponents. Rex Hime said, “He was the Sequoia, and we were the branches!” 

Former SFO-KPIX-CBS-TV Anchor & Governor Reagan’s Assistant Press Director, Nancy Clark Reynolds reveals fascinating stories: “Reagan was absolutely Numero Uno in Nancy’s life. All the time. And she was with him! They were totally wound into each other, to the exclusion of everybody else!” 

“Reagan was gracious and funny! He had people in ‘stitches’ all the time—and he was a total gentleman. You always knew where Reagan stood. He never equated disagreement with disloyalty. Even after working fourteen and eighteen hour days, I could hardly wait to get to work the next morning!” Edwin Meese III said with that understated smile, “Ronald Reagan thrived on being underestimated.”...

About the author:
Patrick moved easily from handling security and asset-protection for a large, bankrupt ranch and estate in Southern California, for the U.S. District Court, to Special Assistant to Sen. Barry Goldwater in 1964. He then fortuitously, thanks to Peggy Goldwater and Nancy Reagan, became Reagan’s first advance-man in 1965, helping to set up public events and appearances first throughout Southern California, then throughout the entire state, with a dedicated team of mostly volunteers, handling security, communications and transportation for the candidate and his up to 28-person 1966 Reagan for Governor Campaign staff, traveling press, media, photographers and even a few journalists from other countries.

Reagan, on winning his governor’s race with a “landslide” victory against entrenched machine-politician, Edmund G. ‘Pat” Brown, asked Patrick to join him in Sacramento as Special Assistant to his chief of staff, then titled, the Executive Secretary. Later he became Special Assistant to the Governor, handling a myriad of diverse tasks, special projects and Task Forces; in addition to his normal assignments involving Reagan’s personal Security, Communications & Transportation.

In 1968 Patrick was asked to head a secret team of Reagan loyalists engaged by RR’s Appointments Secretary, Thomas C. Reed (later U.S. Air Force Secretary and author, AT THE ABYSS, An Insider’s History of the Cold War), Communications Director Lyn Nofziger (later same title in the Reagan White House) and political legend F. Clifton White. The goal: The FIRST effort to achieve the presidential nomination for Reagan at the GOP National Convention in Miami. To design a clandestine field operation, electronic command-post and convention-floor, delegate management system to win that nomination!

During the 1980’s Patrick became Finance Director Western Governor’s Conference at Lake Tahoe, for Nevada Governor Bob List Press &  Media Director, Nevada Republican Party for Reagan’s visit, speech & rally at University of Nevada, Reno. Chairman Nevada Republican Party. Hosted President Reagan as State GOP Chair, fund-raising visit, speech and special events, Las Vegas, Nevada. Special projects for White House Staff.

The strong dedication infused Patrick with a desire to follow in the footsteps of his mentor, boss, leader and friend, Ronald Reagan.

Patrick said, “Hopefully, these books will show the spirit and inner-thoughts of others of our Reagan Team colleagues who have been equally dedicated, to strive for the highest goals possible in whatever endeavor they are engaged; to carry on the examples of Civility, Comity, Courtesy, Decorum, Honesty, Respect and Trust, set by Ronald Reagan!”

Thanks to Eric at Planned Television Arts for the opportunity to preview this book.  You can learn more about Curtis Patrick here.  You can purchase your own copy here.

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