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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hide and Seek...Review

About the book:
Amelia Lennon no longer wears a uniform or carries a weapon. An Army trained Foreign Affairs Officer, she’s negotiating a dispute with the Kyrgyzstan government that threatens to leave the U.S. without an airbase in that region. She traded her gun for the power of words, but now she needs both.

While following her government contact - Jildiz Oskonbaeva, the lawyer daughter of Kyrgyzstan’s president - Amelia witnesses an attempt to abduct her. She manages to prevent the kidnapping, but now the two women are on the run in a city that’s erupting into chaos.

Master Sergeant J.J. Bartley is the Special Operations team leader tasked to rescue Amelia and Jildiz. With two new members in his unit - one with a secret that could endanger everyone’s life - J.J. must soldier his unit through crazed mobs intent on overthrowing the government. Back home, his pregnant wife is misinformed that her husband and the team have been killed. But before this is over, Bartley will find out that’s the least of his problems.

A believable plot, a strong heroine and courageous heroes who aren't afraid to admit their belief in God.  This was non-stop action and a riveting story. I skimmed over much of the technical military details because I just don't have the understanding, but the book is well written and the authors are definitely writing to their strengths. I tend to avoid thrillers and military stories, but this one sounded interesting and I'm so glad I read it.  I was reminded of the early Jack Ryan novels by Tom Clancy.

Thanks to Rick Roberson of The B&B Media Group and First Wildcard for the opportunity to review this book.  You can learn more about Jeff Struecker here and Alton Gansky here.  You can purchase your own copy here.  You can read the first chapter here.

Read 6/12

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4/5 Stars


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