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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wedded to War...Review

About the book:
Tending to the army's sick and wounded meant leading a life her mother does not understand and giving up a handsome and approved suitor. Yet Charlotte chooses a life of service over privilege, just as her childhood friend had done when he became a military doctor. She soon discovers that she's combatting more than just the rebellion by becoming a nurse. Will the two men who love her simply stand by and watch as she fights her own battles? Or will their desire for her wage war on her desire to serve God?

Wedded to War is a work of fiction, but the story is inspired by the true life of Civil War nurse Georgeanna Woolsey. Woolsey's letters and journals, written over 150 years ago, offer a thorough look of what pioneering nurses endured. This is the first in the series Heroines Behind the Lines: Civil War, a collection of novels that highlights the crucial contributions made by women during times of war.

The Civil War is a time period that has always fascinated me.  I've had the opportunity to tour many Civil War historical sites, including battle sites and the conditions of war are always humbling.  I so appreciated the perspective of a woman nursing wounded soldiers.

I really liked these characters.  Charlotte and Caleb, Ruby, Alice and Jacob.  I loved Charlotte's spunk and assertiveness. Phineas was simply odious and excessive in his obsession of Charlotte and his fabricated place in society.  Many of the male doctors Charlotte was forced to work with were rude and sexist and I'm sure that was an accurate portrayal of the times, but my mild feminist streak balked at that behavior.

I had no idea of the existence of the United States Sanitary Commission or that it was a precursor to today's Red Cross.  The research done was exhaustive and the author's note and bibliography were helpful and informative.  The story is inspired by a real nurse and I think Georgeanna Woolsey must have been a remarkable woman.

The ending was somewhat abrupt and not completely satisfying as it only covers the first two years of the war and I would have loved to followed Charlotte as she saw the war through to its end.  I'm looking forward to the second book in the series Widow of Gettysburg, and while I don't think it is a continuation of these characters stories, I would love to see Charlotte, Caleb and Ruby make another appearance.

There were some editing/proofing errors that in this age of spell check should have been caught, but overall, this is one that I enjoyed.

Thanks to River North Publishing for the opportunity to review this book. You can learn more about Jocelyn Green here. You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 4/13

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3/5 Stars

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