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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend Reflections 5/4

Looking outside....it's sunny, bit just a bit of a breeze.  A perfect spring day, actually.

Listening...The Brother watching some television and playing with legos.  Birds are chirping outside.  I need to get a bird feeder for the back yard.

Loving...that I was able to do some spring planting this morning.  My porch pots have purple and white petunias and the window box is full of yellow and purple violas.

Thinking...that I need to transfer some laundry and start another load.

In my kitchen...BBQ for dinner.  Burgers and Baked Beans.

Wearing...denim skirt and blue shirt and an apron.

Needing...to make a cup of cocoa and take a break before I tackle some dictations.

Reading...Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action by Nick Vujicic

Today...it was yard work and that will happen a bit later, but now it's turned into vehicle repair. Fortunately The Doctor and The Boy are able to take care of it.  They're headed over to the Pick-A-Part.

Hoping...to take some of my lilac shoots and replant them in another part of the yard.  You can never have too many lilacs.

Planning...to get The Boy over to my sister's house so he can mow lawns there.

Gratitude...for spring lilacs.  I picked a bouquet and they are sitting on my kitchen counter and smell delightful.

From my world...I found this on Pinterest.  It's 4 minutes long, but oh so worth your time.

What about you?  What are you reflecting on today?

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  1. It's cold here today and I don't like it. I loved the video!