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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Booking Through Thursday...Choosing

What makes you choose the books you read? Genre? Reviews? Certain authors? Covers? Recommendations?

It's a combination of factors, really.

I have favorite authors whom I will always read.  I have genres I avoid in general. I rely a lot on recommendations and reviews.  I have my reading lists where I keep track of the books I want to read.

I will admit that covers have a big play in that.  Namely because it's so easy to spot a self-published book just by the cover and self-published books are usually not well edited and frustrate me more than entertain me.  Covers that are attractive will pull me in and then a really well written blurb helps.

What about you?

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  1. I rely on reviews but do have favorite authors too. I avoid several genres as well!

  2. Covers are the first thing we see so I have to admit it does play a huge part in my decisions.

    Here's mine: http://booksandbindings.com/booking-through-thursday-choosing/

  3. Covers and blurbs are important to me...and recommendations.

    Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my blog.

  4. I've been selecting my books based on reviews, genre and cover. I think it all plays a factor. Sometimes, I will select a book solely based on the author and description.

  5. I have my favorite authors as well that I always like to make sure I read. I'm very attracted to book covers and lately I've been trying to read or listen to some that haven't been part of the main stream and I've run into quite a few really good ones doing that.

  6. Blurbs explaining the plot are important, but I tend to ignore snippets of praise from other authors/literary critics. Of course those will be gushing positivity about it!

  7. Good answer! I also pick books based on genre in addtion to reviews.