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About the book:
An uplifting, inspiring and heartwarming story of a woman truly ahead of her time, City of Hope is the heart-rending but inspiring follow-up to Ellis Island.

It is the 1930s and when her beloved husband, John, suddenly dies, young Ellie Hogan decides to leave Ireland and return to New York. She hopes that the city's vibrancy will distract her from her grief. But the Depression has rendered the city unrecognizable-gone is the energy and atmosphere of fun that Ellie fell in love with ten years before.

Plunging headfirst into a new life, Ellie pours all her passion and energy into running a home and refuge for the homeless. In return they give her the kind of love, support and friendship she needs to try and overcome her grief. Until, one day, someone she thought she'd never see again steps through her door. It seems that even the Atlantic isn't big enough to prevent the tragedies of the past from catching up with her.

Having loved Ellis Island, I was not happy to see that this book opened with the death of Ellie's beloved husband John. Grieving and unable to face life without John, Ellie abruptly leaves Ireland and her successful, relatively wealthy life and returns to New York.  Instead of finding the beloved, vibrant New York that she remembered, she discovers a city suffering from the Depression.

Ellie's giving nature surfaces though and she soon finds that helping others is the best antidote for grief.  Her business sense returns and she opens a home for the homeless and the down and out.  Building a new life and family around her, Ellie is able to ignore her grief over losing John.  She finds success and satisfaction and friendship.

When she finally comes to terms with her grief, she is able to return to Ireland and finds that the new life she has in America isn't as completely satisfying as she had imagined.

Not an inherently happy story, City of Hope is still heartwarming.  I didn't love Ellie quite as much here as I did in Ellis Island, and I found her selfish even with her generosity in helping others. I did appreciate that her character had changed as she had suffered loss. And while I didn't love the ending, I do realize this is second in a trilogy and I hope for a more satisfying conclusion in the third book.

Thanks to TLC Book Tours for the opportunity to review this book.  You can learn more about Kate Kerrigan here.  You can purchase your own copy here.  You can see other reviews and tour stops here.

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  1. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I've been wanting to read this one and Ellis Island for a while now and need to get around to it already.


  2. I've actually known a few people who were selfish and giving at the same time. Ellie sounds like a great character!

  3. I was upset about John, too! Ellie does get on my nerves, but I can't help but like her. I hope we don't have to wait too long for the last book. No need to enter me.

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  6. Ellie's need to have everything her own way was frustrating at times but I did like her spirit and felt she had enough foibles to make her likable.

    I'll let people know about the giveaway!

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  12. I haven't read Ellis Island yet, so I wasn't attached to John as many reviewers were. I wonder how I will feel reading Ellis Island now that I know his fate? Ellie frustrated me too...for the first 100 pages I came pretty close to hating her.

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