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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Dream Dress...Review

About the book:
Big dreams take big leaps of faith . . . but what if you trip on the way?

A lowly seamstress at a swanky bridal boutique, Gabi Delgado dreams of doing more than ripping out seams and fitting dresses to doe-eyed brides. She wants to see her own original dress designs gracing the young women of Texas. But when Jordan Singer, reporter for Texas Bride magazine, visits the shop to do a feature, Gabi is humbled in his influential--and unnervingly handsome--presence.

Convinced she'll never get her dreams off the ground now, Gabi needs lots of encouragement--especially from her friend Bella Neeley--to take a chance and start her business. And as she gets to know Jordan, she discovers that she may have to take a chance on love as well.

Gabi works for a narcissistic designer who sees her as nothing more than the Cinderella-esque drudge who sits in a closet making alterations to wedding gowns.  However, on the side, Gabi secretly designs wedding gowns lovelier than anything Demetri ever created.  With her good friends Bella and Scarlet encouraging her, and a handsome journalist at her side, Gabi finally makes a break to go out on her own.  But, not without a comedy of errors, lots of hysterical one-liners, a cast of quirky characters and a myriad of laugh out loud moments along the way.

Janice Thompson is queen of the romantic comedy.  I look forward to her books and I am never, ever disappointed.  I loved these new characters just as much as I've loved her previous ones and I was so happy to see the Rossi family return en masse here.  The Dream Dress was a delightful escape and simply a fun book to read.

Third in the Weddings by Design series, the novel stands alone just fine, but the entire series is terrific and I highly recommend reading Picture Perfect and Icing on the Cake as well as the Weddings by Bella series.

Thanks to Lanette at Baker Publishing for the opportunity to review this book.  You can learn more about Janice Thompson here.  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 4/14

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4/5 Stars

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  1. I bet my nieces would love this! One owns an online bridal shop and the other is getting married in June.