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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Booking Through Thursday...Family

Do other people in your family also like to read? Or are you in this on your own?

I belong to a family of readers.  The Doctor loves to read just as much as I do.  He doesn't have as much time, but he always reads before falling asleep and he often reviews books for me.  The boys are readers too.  The Boy has loved several series by Rick Riordan and Brandon Mull. He's working on a Riordan book now.  He's a junior and in AP classes, so unfortunately he has more school reading than fun reading at the moment.

The Brother reads, but he prefers graphic novels or books that feature his latest obsession.  He's reading a Godzilla book right now.

We have family trips to the bookstore.  My kids love it.  Hastings and Barnes and Noble are two of their favorite stores.

My mom and two of my sisters are readers.  One isn't.  My dad enjoyed reading and my nieces and nephews are a mixed bunch. Some do, some don't.

What about you?  Are you the only reader in your house?

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  1. A family trip to the bookstore sounds like a lot of fun. I always enjoy seeing young readers find something they enjoy reading. Of course, there's also the fun of finding something new for me as well.

  2. I come from a family of readers but married into a family of nonreaders.

  3. I agree that family trips to bookstores sound like a lot of fun. Sometimes my brother and I go to bookstores, too.

  4. Aah... bookstore trips. I can get into a lot of trouble on those! :)

    I haven't read much by Rick Riordan. Actually, I recently read a Percy Jackson short story, and that was my first introduction to the author! I can see why those books are popular. His writing is fun.

  5. We also enjoy family trips to the bookstore! I suspect my youngest goes more for the large train set they have than the books though...