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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Conversations at our House

Mom: "Is your homework finished?"
The Boy: "Not really. We have to read an essay by this 200 year old dead guy and do a dialectical journal."
Mom: "Who are you reading?"
The Boy: "Somebody named Thoreau."
Mom: (excitedly) "Henry David Thoreau. He wrote Walden."
The Boy: "Yeah, Walden, that guy. I don't get any of it."
Mom: "Show me what essay and I will read it and then we can talk about it together. Will that help?
The Boy: (relieved) "Yes!"
Mom: "And then I will show you Dead Poets Society. Robin Williams. Awesome."

Yep, Thoreau is a 200 year old dead guy. Did you know?

What was really cool about this conversation was that later that evening, we sat down together. We talked about the essay, he found his quotes and necessary points for his dialectical journal. He began to get a grasp of the essay and points. We went through the questions at the end of the essay and talked about them, even though he said we didn't need to.

The next day, the conversation went like this:

The Boy: "You totally saved me in English today."
Mom: "Why?"
The Boy: "We had a sub and the assignment was to do the questions at the end of the essay. I looked at the kid next to me and said, 'It's cool. I've got this. My mom went over these with me last night!'"
Mom: "So it was a good thing that we did that then?"
The Boy: "Yes, and I totally understand the part about the train now too!"

Yep, sometimes homework help does have its rewards...

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