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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How Do People Find My Blog, part 6

It's been 5 years since my last installment of How Do People Find My Blog. Sometimes, it's quite interesting, and even a bit confusing! So, sit back and laugh at some of the searches that have brought people to 2 Kids and Tired Books.

Screwed up people...Everyone is screwed up to some extent. 

If you don't bother me...I won't bother you? or I won't get angry? or How about you just give me some space and I'll do the same for you!

"Why kids love"...Kids just naturally love. They love people. They love their pets, their friends, their toys.

Mary Ingalls nude...Seriously? 'Cause, eww and you're not going to find anything like that here.

Before we go sequel...Man, I would love a sequel to Before We Go. I loved that movie. And while the ending was appropriate to the story, I am dying to know what Nick wrote on the back on the card and I so want Brooke to find her way back to him. 

Tired kids...Well, mine are in high school and busy. They also tend to stay up too late and get up early. Hence, they're always tired. But, it doesn't seem to affect them like it does me.

my favorite winter activity...Staying inside where it's warm. Drinking a cup of hot chocolate, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket snuggling with The Doctor in front of the fireplace. Sheer heaven.

tired of playing monopoly...Not at our house. Monopoly is a serious thing and The Brother's favorite game. He is quite ruthless.

lenora mattingly weber...One of the favored authors of my childhood. She wrote Don't Call Me Katie Rosea story first published in 1964 which is one of my all time favorite books.

catherine woolley...Another favored author from my childhood. She wrote a series that started with A Room for Cathy, first published in 1956, about two sisters. I loved it. I checked it out of the library so many times. 

shoe perch of kairos...No freaking clue what that is or why the search brought you to my blog.

when the moon is low ending...Hated that ending so much. I actually compared the ebook with the print book because I thought my ebook was missing some pages. Seriously, a cop out ending all in the name of being literary.

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  1. Very funny about the "tired kids" one!

  2. Mary Ingalls what?!?!?! There is something wrong with the world.

  3. I can see why google sent folks looking for tired kids here, but Mary Ingalls nude? This is funny!
    Off to check what brings folks to me.

  4. I came here from Amazon! We're both vine reviewers, and I often visits viner's sites out of interest and out of curiosity. Now your blog posts pop up in the feed on my blogger home page. Leah @ http://www.desertspiritsfire.com

  5. Funny post. I need to see what brings people to my site :)