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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weekend Reflections 1/16

Looking outside....it's cold and snowing. Has been for the past three days.

Listening...to silence. Slow Saturday mornings are the best. The Doctor isn't working this morning. It's nice.

Loving...good peopleFamily and friends who are loving and supportive whether it's just every day or in a time of need.

Thinking...that I'm still stunned about the death of Alan Rickman. Every death is sad, but it's not often that I shed tears over celebrities. But Alan Rickman? That one hurt my heart. Not only was he an incredibly talented actor, he was a good man. And his work touched generations. I will remember him for many fantastic roles, but mostly for being Colonel Brandon.

In my kitchen...a cup of hot chocolate that I heated on the stove top because our microwave has been dead for a week. It's made me think a lot about what I really can and can't live without in my kitchen. I wrote about it on Friday: Пятница Ponderings  #firstworldproblems

Wearing...Red penguin pajama pants and a black turtleneck with rainbow fuzzy socks. (Don't knock the look, my feet are warm.)

Needing...to take down the outside Christmas lights. They're still up. But with the snow, they may stay up. I guess I could turn off the timer. But, The Boy says that they, "should stay up all year because Christmas lights make the world prettier and the world needs to be prettier". Who am I to argue with that logic? At least until the snow is gone for a day.

Reading...I was supposed to read A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meisser for Thursday's Book Club, but I didn't get it read and I didn't get to Book Club because this week has been emotionally draining.

Today...we have a work dinner. Hmmm. 

Hoping...that the microwave gets replaced. That's the plan anyway.

Planning...to watch The Martian this evening as a family. I saw it last week with my sister (it was at the dollar theater) and I loved it. I picked up the DVD on Tuesday and everyone wants to see it. The Doctor read the book this week and loved it.

Gratitude...for medical care and a pediatric cardiologist who has taken a personal interest in my son and his health situation. We are facing some unknowns and this man is absolutely amazing. 

From my world... 

My sister has a thing for Captain America and his alter ego Chris Evans. (Really, who doesn't?) I saw this poster while walking in Dillards with my Mom and sent it to her as a text with the words, "Found your boy at Dillards". We got a good laugh out of it when she replied, "I'd let him make me feel guilty".

What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?

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  1. The world does need prettier - and kinder. I hope we don't get any snow this winter.